Innovative Triage Services
Caring for our patients with expertise and compassion
Providing telephone triage care for more than two decades
Continuity of Care
Our expert RNs provide compassionate telephone triage care for your patients
24 / 7 Access
Around-the-clock access to all triage activity in real time
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Nurse owned and operated, we provide our clients with:

  • Critical thinking and triage experience combined with adherence to physician-authored gold standard protocols, ensuring the highest quality patient interactions
  • Coverage 7 days a week / 365 days a year, including holidays
  • Fully insured services
  • Facilitation of increased compliance with Medical Home and NCQA due to increased access and continuity of care
  • A team that is OPWDD trained and certified to comply with OPWDD standards of care
  • Value-added services that decrease unnecessary ED visits while simultaneously increasing office productivity and revenue
  • A team staffed by highly skilled and compassionate RNs with exceptional communication skills

As a company, we aspire to be the industry leader most trusted for improving the way health-care continuity is optimized. Providers utilizing our exemplary services enjoy a higher quality of life away from the office, confident in the knowledge that their patients are receiving the highest quality of nursing triage care.

RN On-Call Services for Medical Providers

  • Group Home Programs

    Specializing in ARC Programs

  • Managed Care Programs

    Elder and Respite Care Programs

  • Pediatrics

    Infant and Childhood Practices

  • Family Practice & Internal Medicine

    Comprehensive Health Care

  • Specialty Practices

    Customized to Your Practice

Why Choose Innovative Triage Services?

All of our RN team members meet and exceed stringent triage quality assurance standards. 

We provide telephone triage services for any daytimes, evenings, weekends and holidays.

Our services decrease staff burnout and turnover, and increase morale and productivity.

Our clients have the personal cell phone numbers to the owners of the company, allowing for immediate response to any issues.

Check in on your patient calls any time you wish.

Patients are promptly and expertly cared for with compassion and knowledge.

Authored by David Thompson, M.D., and Barton Schmidt, M.D.; reviewed and updated annually by national medical experts.

Our Co-Founders

Cheryl Hunt, RN


Cheryl graduated from Crouse Irving Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in 1990. She has been blessed with a career rich in nursing experiences, including Neonatal Intensive Care, Urgent Care, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Labor and Delivery, Home Care, School Nursing, and Telephone Triage. Over the last two decades, she has been professionally most proud and passionate about the company she built together with her friend and colleague, Georgann: Innovative Triage Services. Serving their clients, patients and team members with excellence, dedication and love has been a profoundly humbling and energizing experience. Cheryl looks forward with great optimism and excitement to continuing this mission far into the future. Proud parents of two grown children, she and her husband, Chris, live between cornfields in the beautiful countryside of Central New York. 

Georgann Purtell, RN


After graduating from high school as a Licensed Practical Nurse in 1978, Georgann began a career that gained her valuable experience in a variety of nursing fields, including Urgent Care, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Family Practice, Orthopedics, Home Care, and Telephone Triage. Georgann has always placed a strong value on education, which led her to pursue and achieve an associate degree in 1994 and later her Bachelor of Science in nursing in 2005. For the last 21 years, she has co-owned Innovative Triage Services. As a CEO, Georgann sees new challenges every day as she guides the company along a path of continuous growth and advancement in this unique industry. Georgann and her husband, Craig, reside in Southport, North Carolina, and are abundantly blessed with eight children and six grandchildren.

“We started to use Innovative Triage over 5 years ago, our quality of life has significantly improved while we are on call.  Innovative Triage nurses are well trained and professional; they can handle most of our triages without calling the on-call physicians. This is one of the best services we have ever had, I cannot imagine taking calls without the use of Innovative Triage service ever again.”

Dr. Julie Colvin

St. Joseph’s Physicians

Innovative Triage Services has satisfied all of our individual needs as well as continue to update their protocols to best serve our patients.

CNY Family Care

Innovative Triage Services has satisfied all of our individual needs as well as continue to update their protocols to best serve our patients.

CNY Family Care

… Excellent grasp of all aspects of general medical knowledge… Utilized in the most proficient and professional manner… Telephone Triage skills are second to none… Amazing ability to educate, reassure and provide patients over the phone.

Extended Hours Acute Care