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Frequently Asked Questions

A patient or caregiver call comes in after hours and basic demographic information is collected by the answering service. The service enters this information into our nurse Telephone Triage Software. An experienced RN then returns the call, completes a thorough assessment, and determines the proper disposition of the call (ranging from Home Care to Call 911 Now). The completed triage note is immediately available to be viewed, printed or attached to an EMR. Additional follow-up documentation may also be added to the note by the client, if desired.

The software we use consists of best practice protocols authored by David Thompson, M.D. (Adult), and Barton Schmitt, M.D. (Pediatric). A panel of 100 leading medical experts reviews the protocols each year and updates them to ensure the newest information is available to our nurse team. This software protocol tool, combined with the excellent judgment and experience of our team, creates a wonderful triage call experience.


All our nurses are licensed in good standing in New York State and most of our team lives here. Because the position is portable, our nurses can live outside of New York State if they choose, although each of our team RNs have been New Yorkers at least part of their lives.

Currently, we are only taking clients from inside New York State due to the complexities of RN licensing issues and the fact that New York is not a compact state. We hope legislation changes this in the near future.

Currently, our Group Home / Managed Care clientele is the fastest growing segment of our company. We find our services to be an excellent fit for the needs of these programs. We also serve Pediatric, Internal Medicine, Family Practice, Urology, Cardiology, ENT, Spine and Neurology clients.

Because we treat customer service the old-fashioned way, you simply call us, the owners, day or night if there is an issue. We will immediately work to resolve it. Our clients have the personal cell phone numbers of the owners of this company and there are NO hoops to jump through. This is a nurse-owned company, started by two triage nurses who saw a need and strive every day to fill it better than anyone else, anywhere!

Our software provider is hosted on a HIPAA-secured cloud-based solution through Amazon Web Services (AWS). Additionally, our nurses are spread out enough geographically that we will not be widely affected in the case of outages.

Yes, our company is insured fully. In addition, each of our nurses carries their own malpractice insurance.

No, we have not.

We understand that for many, it is a leap of faith to initially entrust the after-hours care of your patients to an unknown entity. Very quickly our clients come to deeply appreciate the compassion, experience and expertise of our RN telephone triage nurses. We often hear that our documentation, assessments and dispositions are better than what the status quo was previously. Our team has been trusted to serve local providers and patients for more than two decades.

Our RN would contact the provider on call for your program or practice, or send the caller out for urgent evaluation, depending on your instructions. Typically, providers are contacted by our RN for a question for less than 5-10% of calls. If a provider call is necessary, our nurse will complete all follow-up calls (for example, calls to the patient, pharmacy, etc.) and save the provider that time.

  • Knowledgeable and compassionate after-hours nursing care that is thoroughly documented
  • Excellent customer service
  • Decreased unnecessary ED utilization
  • Comfort of patients, knowing they can reach an experienced RN after hours

Benefits can include less burnout; increased family time; better quality of life; and uninterrupted sleep, resulting in improved mood, productivity and health.


We are happy to provide you with current client references upon request to learn what our clients love about our life-changing services!